It was an elegant experience like an oasis of peace harmonized by the tranquil atmosphere. The entertainment was very good along with exceptional food and facilities. All the staff members were cheerful, courteous and always happy to help..


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Pratap Palace, in the town of Chittorgah, is the family’s home in the city. The building is almost not first recognizable as a hotel. Inside, the curving staircase leads to wooden corridors and rooms that echo the red hue of Chittorgah fort, strewn along the mountaintop above. The town is home to an enthralling spice market. A day can be spirited away at historic Chittorgah fort, an ancestral home of the Ruling family at Bijaipur. The story of the fort is filled with triumph and defeat, culminating in a terrible battle which ultimately brought the family to Udaipur.

THE PANGARH LAKE RETREAT, Pangarh, near Bijaipur

Surrounding the 1000 year old Pangarh Fort, is the Lotus lake. On the western banks of the lake, a luxury camp has been set up by the Bijaipur family. Located around a set of very old mango trees, the camps serve the most sought after element – PEACE.

The only visible part of a temple beneath the surface of Lotus Lake is the white flag rising among the lotus flowers. It’s swaying is a constant call for truce and respite in the mind of the beholder and a return to peaceful states of being. Even the sounds of the village across the lake seem to obey the call for stillness and drift instead to entertain the ghosts at the ruins of Pangarh Fort above. The fishermen on their bamboo driven boats appear and disappear amongst the water chestnuts as if they had grown from the water right along side them and take their home amongst the roots.


Bijaipur is famous for organizing horse safari in the region of Mewar (South Rajasthan). The Marwari horse is related to the desert horses of Arabia; with lively grace of form and sensitivity of spirit, while being sturdy and sensible. Astride a beast that is born of the earth it travels, the rider is infused with hundreds of thousands of years of India. Hooves can penetrate further and deeper, where hiking boots and jeep wheels are rendered useless. An India not often witnessed quickly becomes a familiar home.

The stables at Castle Bijaipur are home to some of the finest Marwari Horses. Treks of varying distances are available, from a few hours to days and weeks.